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Error while creating Base View with Delimited Files : column name could not be generated

I have below delimited file. When I create base view I'm getting error. Please help me to write Tuple pattern while crateting Delimited Data Source to load the file in Denodo. FirstName;LastName;RollNo ABC;XYZ;22;MUM;0.0;10000 PQR;KYT;26;MOM;10.9;20000 Thanks in Advance.
14-12-2019 01:44:16 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, I noticed there is a mismatch between the first (header line) and the lines containing the data. You have 3 header descriptions and 6 fields in the data section. I would add 3 more header descriptions in the first line and use “;” as the column delimiter. I hope this helps.
Denodo Team
16-12-2019 21:54:13 -0500
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