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Active active HA

Hi community, in denodo 7 i am trying to create active-active HA scenario. How does the license work. Can someone tell me the exact steps on how to install the license in solution manager in both the servers/cluster of servers. how will data synchronise between 2 servers? Regards, Poonam
16-12-2019 07:49:13 -0500

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Hi, The [Denodo Cluster Architecture Knowledge Base document]( Platform Cluster Architecture?category=Best+practices) has a thorough description of cluster architecture that is useful for understanding more about multi-server architectures, load balancing, and best practices in Denodo. This is a helpful source for learning more about clustered Denodo deployments. Additionally, the [new features of Denodo 7.0]( to work with Denodo 7.0?category=Best+practices) article has an introduction to the Denodo Solution Manager. This article explains how the Solution Manager acts as a license manager and how it automates the propagation of Denodo elements to different Denodo servers. To set up the licenses you will need to start the Denodo Solution Manager and add the appropriate license for the number of servers (with or without backups) that you are using. Create a Solution Manager [environment]( matching your server configuration by adding clusters and servers in the Solution Manager. Make sure that the License Manager Server is accessible by external Virtual DataPort Servers and the Solution Manager Server can access each of the VDP servers. Additional information about License Management in the Solution Manager can be found [in this link]( To synchronize the metadata between multiple servers in a cluster, the Denodo Solution Manager provides revisions to promote changes between environments. Revisions are collections of VDP and Scheduler elements, that can be propagated between servers. The metadata in the revision is propagated to each of the servers in the cluster that the revision is deployed on. More information about and promotions can be found [in this link]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
18-12-2019 04:04:29 -0500
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