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Different Hashes for same values hash()

![Screenshot](file:///Users/tirmizi/Downloads/image_2019_12_19T14_11_26_005Z.png) Can anyone please help me understand how hash() function generates different results for same string input? Tables are different but the source is same, i.e. Postgres DB. because if this is the case, then join won't work on string columns, and it wasn't working. Please answer.
20-12-2019 00:04:25 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, The hash function will always return the same values for the same string; I recommend that you make sure the strings you are using have the same capitalization and no leading or trailing spaces. To help with this process, Denodo includes built in [LOWER]( and [TRIM]( functions for changing the capitalization and removing extra spaces. I’ve included more information about [Text Processing Functions]( in this link. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
20-12-2019 08:53:17 -0500
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