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querying unstructured data with denodo

I have watched the webinar here, which shows how to use structued data for building ML/AI models - Some models such as neural nets require images (unstructured data) as input - does denodo provide an api (such as posix, s3 or hdfs) for retrieving unstructued data?
07-01-2020 07:29:28 -0500

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Hi, Generally, Denodo Platform is capable of connecting to any data source using various access machanisms like JDBC, ODBC,JSON, Excel etc;. If you are looking for some custom connector like Denodo Distributed File System Custom Wrapper, FileSystem Custom Wrapper etc; then you can download them from the Denodo Support Site under “Downloads > Denodo Connects” option if you have a valid Denodo Support account. Also you can develop your own custom component using [Denodo4E]( plug-in for Eclipse. For more details, you can refer to [Creating Data Sources and Base Views]( section of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-01-2020 07:41:06 -0500
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