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Issues with "Denodo Email Exported Files Custom Handler" on Denodo Scheduler.

Hi Team, I have configured "email export files" on Denodo Scheduler as given in the document link "". But I am facing issues in it. After adding handler for "email export files" to my job, the job is not returning any record/tuples but when I remove the handler, it is giving records/tuples. Please suggest me how fix it.
09-01-2020 08:34:59 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, I was able to configure the Custom Handler Email Exported Files in the scheduler. Before configuring you need to set the Email account to use **Less secure app access ** and configure the Mail configuration in the Scheduler Administration tool. After doing these configurations you will get an Email containing the extracted result. If you have configured the CSV exporter then you could find the result in <DENODO_HOME>\work\scheduler\data\csv. If you are a valid support account user then we suggest you create a new support case in the [Support Site](http://support Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
10-01-2020 06:07:17 -0500
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