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Audit List of query execution time is more than 800Sec

Hi Team, Could you please share the query or steps to take Audit list of query execution time is more than 800Sec
13-01-2020 08:35:03 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, For auditing, I use the [Denodo Monitor]( tool, which is a command-line based utility that logs information about Denodo Platform servers. "vdp-queries.log" contains information about queries' durations in milliseconds. To get the list of queries that took longer than 800 seconds (800,000 milliseconds), I would do it one of these ways: * Create a [delimited data source]( over "vdp-queries.log" and then a view. Then, execute a query such that it has a filter on "duration" column. * Alternatively, the Denodo Monitor logs can be used with [Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool]( To achieve your scenario, I would create first create a [diagnostic](, and then in the diagnostic's ["Requests"]( tab, add the "Duration" column and specify a filter such that it returns log information where the duration of the query is greater than 800 seconds. * Lastly, if you are a valid Support user, you can use [Denodo Monitor Reports]( which can be downloaded from the DenodoConnects section of the [Support Site]( This is a web application that generates graphical reports based on the Denodo Monitor logs. These reports also return information on queries' durations. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
13-01-2020 21:19:38 -0500
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