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Using Denodo VDP admin database as source from Talend

I got Denodo AWS trial environment and trying to use Denodo as the source from Talend Data Catalog tool to test the metadata harvesting. I tried to use 'jdbc:vdb://' with 'admin/admin' as username/pwd from talend but it is failing with connection timeout error. Can you help me the right way to access Denodo from Talend or any other data catalog tool.
14-01-2020 14:26:32 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, As mentioned in the Denodo Platform Free Trial [FAQ](, there are two types of trials. When you run the trial under Denodo's cloud account, the trial instance will be a closed environment. Remote connections will not be allowed since ports 9999, 9997, 9996, and 9090 are closed. Therefore, you will not be able to connect to this type of trial instance from any external clients, such as Talend. If you require more flexibility and control over the instance, then you should look into subscribing to the "BYOL" free trial (i.e. running the trial under your own cloud account). This option will allow you to manage and customize the trial instance, and it will be possible to connect to it from external clients. For more information on the differences between the two types of trials, you can refer to the Denodo Platform Free Trial [Overview]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-01-2020 13:33:47 -0500
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