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Denodo-Microsoft teams

Hi, I am trying to connect Denodo with Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Sharepoint or OneDrive. The documentation given in the community does not solve my problem it just makes it more complicated.
16-01-2020 03:13:05 -0500

3 Answers

Hi, Denodo supports connections to RESTful web services as data sources; I recommend reading this [Microsoft article]( to learn more about the APIs exposed by the Microsoft Teams software as a RESTful web service. To connect to [Microsoft SharePoint as a data source](, Denodo has a Knowledge Base article you can read which contains more information about connecting to Microsoft Sharepoint with the Denodo Platform. I’ve also included a different [Q&A question]( that I think will answer your questions about connecting to OneDrive through the Denodo Platform. I hope this helps!
Denodo Team
21-01-2020 05:27:10 -0500
This doesnt help. The documentation is still vague to me. At the same time my vdp is throwing an error OutOfMemory error: Java heap space, I have already assigned 4096 in JVM. What is wrong with this product?
22-01-2020 04:47:04 -0500
Hi, There are many different reasons why the OutOfMemory error may be thrown. For instance, you may be importing a huge amount of data, the row size of the imported data is very big, you are doing large aggregations, or memory swapping is be disabled. More information about configuring Denodo to handle large datasets can be found on the [Configuring the Memory Usage and Swapping Policy]( page of the Denodo Platform 7.0 User Manual. If you can, I recommend that you open a support case so that the Support Team can investigate the issue. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
29-01-2020 10:45:58 -0500
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