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How to ignore view from VCS synchronization (git)

Hello team, I managed to implement dynamic base view in Denodo: In a Denodo custom stored procedure I call an Oracle Stored procedure which create a dynamic Oracle view (view definition is unknown upfront). Then I create the base view (from my Denodo custom Stored procedure) using Denodo pre=defined stored procedure: GENERATE_VQL_TO_CREATE_JDBC_BASE_VIEW. This all works fine, but my output base views defintion is not static since it depends of my last call to my Dednodo custom stored procedure. Hence, I'd like to keem them out of VCS synchronization (I'm using git). Is there a way to setup a .gitignore file somewhere to achieve this? I know there is some .git folder in the $DENODO_HOME/work/vdp/repository/<my_virtual_database> Still, I'm quite afraid of breaking something by manipulating its content manually without some technical advice/supervision from you.
24-01-2020 05:20:12 -0500

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Hi, I was able to add a .gitignore file into the local repository that prevented views from being pushed to the remote repository. I added a line in the .gitignore file that read `**/<VIEW_NAME>*` The view will still be marked tracked by the Denodo VCS but it will not be uploaded to the remote repository. To make sure that you are putting the “.gitignore” file in the right place, you can check that you are in the correct git directory by checking the location of the local Denodo git directory: 1. Open the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool and go to “Administration > VCS Management” 2. Take note of the “Local repositories home” field 3. Ensure that this matches the parent directory of the git folder you are modifying. The Denodo Platform creates a folder for each database with VCS enabled in the “Local repositories home” directory. I hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-01-2020 07:36:18 -0500
I added the .gitignore files following your advice and it worked fine. Thanks.
28-01-2020 08:29:39 -0500
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