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List Procedure Jar Dependencies

Hi I am looking for denodo metadata views which can give relationship of user defiened stored procedures and Jars with version. I have used the "LIST JARS" catalog function. This function returns the JAR name and stored procedure or functions of that Jar. In my scenario, assume that there are two Jars exists having two procedures as follows: | Jar Name | Procedure | ---------------------------------- | --------------------- | custom-proc-test-01.jar | p1,p2 | custom-proc-test-02.jar | p1,p2 The LIST PROCEDURE will return both procedure name as output: p1 and p2. At the time of JAR deployment custom-proc-test-02.jar, only procedure p2 is compiled again referring to new jar custom-proc-test-02.jar Both the procedures are working fine after new Jar deployment. There is no way to know that procedure p1 is pointing to older version of Jar e.g. custom-proc-test-01.jar To extract this information, one alternative approach is to extract the vql code of procedure which shows the actual Jar name. I am looking for option where procedure name, actual jar referred can be extracted by referring single metadata view or joining multiple views/methods. I have explored catalog_elements() and get_elements() but could not find the desired result. Thanks and Regard Chander Kanta

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Hi, I was able to check the the jar being used in a stored procedure by executing the VQL statement: “DESC PROCEDURE <PROCEDURE_NAME>”. Using this method, you will be able to input a stored procedure and check which of the jar files is being associated with the procedure. For more information about the “DESC” command, I’ve attached the [Output Schema of the DESC Commands]( page of the Virtual DataPort Developer Guide. I hope this helps!
Denodo Team
04-02-2020 09:08:35 -0500
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