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Job Scheduler

Hi, can we create a job to join two tables without create this denodo view to predefined this join? Our info security has legal requirement that only eceute the job like "select a1.b,a2,c from a1 join a2 on a1.d=a2.d" without creating denodo view first? Thank you so much for your quick reponse in advance! Ying Sun Experian
06-02-2020 18:07:22 -0500

3 Answers

Hi, The Denodo Scheduler doesn’t create a view in the Virtual DataPort server when running a Join query; you can just run the query in the scheduler as normal. I’ve also included a link to the [VDP Extraction Section]( page of the Scheduler Administration Guide for more information about querying the Virtual DataPort server with a Denodo Scheduler job. I hope this helps!
Denodo Team
07-02-2020 09:19:09 -0500
Hi, Thank you so much for your quick response. Can we have the result of this job query to write as files to AWS S3? Thanks,
11-02-2020 18:26:24 -0500
Hi, To export to an Amazon S3 service using Scheduler, I recommend that you develop your own custom exporters in Java; more information about developing a custom exporter can be found in the [Exporters]( section of the Scheduler Administration Guide. I also found that I could export CSV files to a folder using the Exporter function of the Scheduler and create a script to automatically upload them to Amazon S3 using the Amazon CLI. For more information about included Scheduler Exporter capabilities, I have included the [Postprocessing Section (Exporters)]( section of the Scheduler Administration Guide. For more information about integrating Amazon S3 with the Denodo Platform, you can also look at the [How to integrate Amazon S3 with the Denodo Platform]( page of the Denodo Knowledge Base. I hope this helps!
Denodo Team
18-02-2020 07:26:01 -0500
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