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Configure third party application with denodo and execute the job from application and export the data into csv

Hi, We have a java application which is configured to our database. Whenever we invoke an job in our application it goes to respective table inside the database and run the job and pull data into our application. Now we are planning to put denodo in between. we already placed the denodo and configured with our database (oracle) now we want the mechanism which we can configure our application to denodo? How ? and if we run any job into our application it should go to denodo and execute the view. Once view is excuted into denodo, it will fetch data from oracle and export the output data in csv into particular path(folder) where denodo client is installed or executed? and idea how can we do?

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Hi, I configured my sample java application with Denodo using JDBC(Java Database Connectivity). It can be done by defining the driver URL format and including the Denodo JDBC driver file in your java application’s build path, that will establish the connection. Path of the driver: > <DENODO_HOME>/tools/client-drivers/jdbc/vdp-jdbcdriver-core/denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver.jar Or It can also be downloaded from the [Denodo Community]( Driver URL format: > jdbc:vdb://<hostName>:<port>/<databaseName>[?<paramName>=<paramValue> [&<paramName>=<paramValue>]* ] Once the data is collected as JDBC Resultset it can be exported to any format using java libraries available and the desired path could be given as your preferred location. You can also refer to [Access through JDBC]( section of the Virtual DataPort Developer Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
18-02-2020 07:03:57 -0500
here, i want to excute materialize view via my application and fetch the data from denodo to my application and it should allow me to extract the data into csv. I didn't mean to fetch data from my application to denodo is that what you suggested or did i understsand wrong? or miss something? FYI, The amount of data is nearly 30 million
18-02-2020 09:54:44 -0500
Hi, Yeah, it is possible to execute a view from a Java application and export the resultset into a CSV file. I tried doing the below-mentioned steps: * I configured the connection between my sample java application and Denodo using Denodo’s JDBC driver as mentioned in the previous response. * From the java application, I called an *‘EXECUTE’* statement, that fetched the data from the data source and the ResultSet came into the java application through the Virtual DataPort. * For exporting the data(resultset) into a CSV file from the java application, I used [OpenCSV]( and created something similar to the below, ``` CSVWriter csvWriter = new CSVWriter(new FileWriter("yourfile.csv"), '\t'); java.sql.ResultSet myResultSet = .... ; csvWriter.writeAll(myResultSet, includeHeaders); ``` Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
25-02-2020 04:28:38 -0500
my data extraction amount is nearly 30 million rows, will it be effective solution? CSVWriter csvWriter = new CSVWriter(new FileWriter("yourfile.csv"), '\t'); myResultSet = .... ; 3.csvWriter.writeAll(myResultSet, includeHeaders);
28-02-2020 12:29:57 -0500
Hi, I have come across this framework [Spring Batch]( for processing large sets of data that could be an effective solution for your scenario. I believe this question is more relevant to JAVA programming than to the Virtual Dataport as Denodo's JDBC driver is capable of streaming large data sets. You can find a solution by raising a question on the product’s community portal or on the Java Discussion Forums. You may also refer to the [Spring Batch Samples]( for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-03-2020 07:42:20 -0400
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