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Denodo Parameter Error - without search methods

I created a view with a parameter. If there is specific value typed into that parameter the view processes just fine. However, I need the parameter field to be blank, so when you open the view the end user has the option to type in the parameter they are specifically looking for. Now, the problem is that it only works great within the original/MAIN view. Unfortunatly, the main view is just the first piece of the puzzle, the view has to be used in conjunction with other views (there is a downstream) to complete the true data collection. I have two other views that use this MAIN view and they will not run. I get this error: Finished with error: No search methods ready to be run: view 'iv_Procurable_Dates_FINAL_Date_JOIN' without search methods Any help will be greatly appreciated. How do I get the downstream views to the see the parameter? Thank you!
14-02-2020 17:26:55 -0500

3 Answers

Hi, I came across the same error when I created an interface view over the base view without including the obligatory parameter in the view schema. In order to resolve this, I checked the created interface view and found that the field that is obligatory in the base view is removed in the interface view. So, I added the field and implemented it correctly, now I can bypass and execute the view without errors. You could ensure that the view created upon the base view has obligatory fields defined in the schema. For more information, you can have a look at the sections [Search Methods]( and [Creating Interface Views]( of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
18-02-2020 05:35:01 -0500
I might possibly have a similar issue. Would you be able to help me with my issue @denodo support? I also added another question to the community. Here is my issue: I have created a base view from query which contains parameters that I need to pass in order to get the result set. Base view name is bv_root_table. Parameter for the base view that is required that we pass is AccountID field. I am trying to execute a select statement on the base view, by passing the accountID values from an inner query. Unfortunately, I am constantly getting “View without search methods” error message. How can I pass the acccount id values from an inner query in where statements, similar to the one below. Is there any other methods I can utilize? SELECT pay_id , original_pay_event_id AS root_pay_event_id FROM database2.bv_root_table WHERE accountid in (select account_id from database.iv_view_name where purchaser_id = ‘12345’) If I run below query, I get results instantly without an issue (similar statement as above, but I hard code the accountid instead of running a subquery). SELECT pay_id , original_pay_event_id AS root_pay_event_id FROM database2.bv_root_table WHERE accountid in (‘111222333’, ‘111333444’) Business knows the purchaser_id, they don’t use account_id field, and they need to be able to pass group_purchaser_id field as criteria. How can I pass the result of another query as a parameter to the base view created from query?
10-06-2022 17:49:11 -0400
Hi, You can find the answer for the community question related to passing the subquery as a value to the obligatory field in the similar community [Q&A]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
13-06-2022 07:45:22 -0400
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