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Scheduling job to load data for all the month-end dates in the caching database.

Hi, We have created multiple final views with mandatory parameter 'as_of_dt' for each view. Now, we want to schedule job to load all month end data in cache.( all month end dates for future and past- not any single month end date ) I was planning to add sub query in 'query conditions' saction of 'Extraction section' to get dates from calendar dimension. But it seems it does not allow to add sub query. Is there any way we can get all the month end dates ? I'm aware of 'lastdayofmonth(input)' function but we can't pass values for any specific date as we want to get results for all month end dates. Appreciate your help.
25-02-2020 13:54:14 -0500

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Hi, Subquery could be added as a part of *‘Query conditions’* by defining an input parameter. I followed the similar steps to below, * In the *‘Query conditions’* tab, You can define the field that you want to apply condition on, as an input parameter. E.g. for your scenario, as_of_dt=@parameter_name * This would pop up an option to select a ‘new source’, under which you can choose vdp and write your sub query by defining the ‘parameter_name’ as the output field. * In the ‘new source’ drop-down list, you can choose one among CSV, list, JDBC, and VDP to pass the input parameter. I chose VDP as I have the relevant tables as base views in Denodo. * Now, in the ‘Mapping’ tab below, you can define the mapping by giving the parameter_name in 'Query parameter' and the field name as defined in the source in 'Source parameter'. * Save the job. For your scenario, you can write a subquery to fetch all the month-end dates that go as an input to the ‘as_of_dt’ in the *Query conditions* tab. For more information, you can refer to [VDPCache Extraction Section]( of the Scheduler Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
26-02-2020 07:47:06 -0500
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