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Issue in renaming a view

HI Team, Using Denodo 7.0 version. I'm facing an issue in renaming a view. Lets say, i've two derived views dv_1_orders and dv_2_sales. And dv_3_join is the join view of dv_1_orders and dv_2_sales. Then I have renamed dv_1_orders to dv_4_orders and dv_2_sales to dv_5_sales by right click on view at server explorer tab. And did refresh. NOw join View is executing fine. Here i'm facing issue . When i see the tree view of dv_3_join, i'm able to see updated view names. But when i click edit, in model tab, views are still with old names. And even in VQL, i see **create or replace dv_3_join as select dv_1_orders.field1,dv_1_orders.field2........** not the updated names. But at the end, in LAYOUT clause , had new names. I tried exporting the view and vql is as mentioned above. Is this a bug? will this effect? Please help. Thanks in advance.
28-02-2020 01:46:45 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, This is the expected behavior of the Denodo Platform. When a derived view involving several other views is created, aliases are automatically added. This is needed because if you can make a join operation of a view with itself, and you need an alias for being able to reference the view in each branch of the join. In the model tab of the join wizard, you will be able to see the updated view name plus its alias in the tooltip of each view and in the VQL of the view, you can see the updated view names with its alias, and the alias names being referenced for the field names. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
09-03-2020 02:29:40 -0400
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