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license information

Hi Team, Is there any file which stores the license details? Thanks.
05-03-2020 22:02:36 -0500

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also tell me in which file Default JVM details would be ? those frpom configure>edit>default jvm.
06-03-2020 00:19:18 -0500
Hi, Yes, you can see the details about the license currently installed depending on the type of the license that is being used: * If you are using a solution manager, then the license can be found in the file “denodo.lic” which is available in <SOLUTION_MANAGER_HOME>/conf/. * If you are using a standalone platform installation, then the license can be found in the file “denodo.lic” which is available in <DENODO_HOME>/conf/. You can find more information on ways to see what license is installed from the knowledge base article [here]( Default JVM is the JVM which is packaged with Denodo installation and it is available in <DENODO_HOME>/jre. You can find the default JVM details under the JVM Options in the VDBConfiguration file, which can be found in <DENODO_HOME>/conf/vdp. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
09-03-2020 12:09:51 -0400
Hi Team, I am looking for details around configure > edit which would tell if denodo supplied, default, or some external JVM is being used. The properties files tells about the JVM options. I am not looking for these. Thanks.
13-03-2020 08:01:24 -0400
Hi, To know which JVM is being used by the Denodo Platform, you can check the file <DENODO_HOME>/metadata/launcher/launcher-settings.xml. The current JVM is inside the <currentJVM> tag of the XML document. If you need to modify it, you can refer to this [article]( Hope it helps!
Denodo Team
24-03-2020 10:36:52 -0400
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