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Unable to login to server from client

Unable to login to denodo server from Denodo Client. Getting the Java Exception as below. Could you please assist on this asap ? "Initialization Error.Connection Error Construction, Implementing(Algorithm, Default Provider Sun JSSE, Class$DefaultSSLContext)"
09-04-2020 03:46:57 -0400

3 Answers

Hi, This error would have occurred if the Virtual DataPort certificate is not imported into the trust store of Virtual DataPort Administration tool. I would suggest you ensure you have followed the steps provided in the section [Enabling SSL/TLS in the Administration Tool and Others]( . Hope this helps
Denodo Team
09-04-2020 07:56:20 -0400
Thanks for the quick response ! Copied the file "cacerts" from server to client. Gettig the same error security error. Certificate Path : C:\Denodo_Platform_70\jre\lib\security File Name : cacerts Could you please advise.
13-04-2020 02:07:15 -0400
Hi, I would suggest you to restart the Denodo Client tool after replacing the cacerts file. If the issue persists and you are a user with a valid Support account, you may open a support case at the [Denodo Support Site]( If you don’t have a valid Support account but you work with a customer that has it, you can ask your customer to open the support case and our support team will help you in resolving the issue. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
05-05-2020 07:25:55 -0400
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