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ElasticSeach 7.6.2

Hi, Is there Denodo v7 JDBC driver for ElasticSearch 7.6 ? I see only es v6.7 and v6.4 Thank you, José
15-04-2020 10:41:46 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, I have been able to connect to ElasticSearch 7.6.2 by doing the following: * [Download the 7.6.2 JDBC driver from Elastic]( * Copy JAR file to your VDP Server at <DENODO HOME>\lib-external\jdbc-drivers\elasticsearch-7.6.2 * Using the Administration Tool, configure settings for a new JDBC data source * Name: provide a name * Database adapter: Generic * Driver class path: '<DENODO HOME>\lib-external\jdbc-drivers\elasticsearch-7.6.2\x-pack-sql-jdbc-7.6.2.jar' * Driver class: org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.jdbc.EsDriver * Database URI: jdbc:es://your_es_host:9200 * Enter your credentials * Test connection Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-04-2020 16:06:47 -0400
Hi, Great ! Thank you
16-04-2020 04:23:18 -0400
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