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fail to export data from jdbc source to hhive

I try to export data from mysql into hive using denodo scheduler and I create the 2 tables same structure but when I execute the job error appears "Group0#JDBCExporter0: Document 1: Method not supported" ..any help why this happen ? full error 1929530 [extract_from_sql_into_hive_12 (default).DenodoSched_Worker-6] ERROR 2020-04-22T19:59:55.329 com.denodo.scheduler.core.dataSource.connection.JDBCConnection [] - Error rollbacking transaction. java.sql.SQLException: Method not supported at org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveConnection.rollback( ~[?:?] at org.apache.commons.dbcp.DelegatingConnection.rollback( ~[commons-dbcp.jar:1.4] at com.denodo.scheduler.core.dataSource.connection.JDBCConnection.rollback(Unknown Source) [denodo-scheduler-core.jar:7.0.5] at com.denodo.scheduler.core.exporter.jdbc.JDBCExporter.close(Unknown Source) [denodo-scheduler-core.jar:7.0.5] at com.denodo.scheduler.core.exporter.jdbc.JDBCExporter.close(Unknown Source) [denodo-scheduler-core.jar:7.0.5] at com.denodo.scheduler.core.job.ExportationJob.closeAllExporters(Unknown Source) [denodo-scheduler-core.jar:7.0.5] at com.denodo.scheduler.core.job.AbstractDatabaseExtractionJob.doExecute(Unknown Source) [denodo-scheduler-core.jar:7.0.5] at com.denodo.scheduler.core.job.BaseJob.normalExecute(Unknown Source) [denodo-scheduler-core.jar:7.0.5] at com.denodo.scheduler.core.job.BaseJob.execute(Unknown Source) [denodo-scheduler-core.jar:7.0.5] at [quartz.jar:?] at org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$ [quartz.jar:?]
22-04-2020 13:45:19 -0400

4 Answers

Hi, The error [**Method not supported**]( usually occurs from the [HIVE]( JDBC driver when one of the unsupported methods is called. If I come across this error, I would perform the following checks: * I would ensure that I use the **latest** version of HIVE JDBC Driver. * Check the **vdp.log** and **scheduler.log** files under the location "<DENODO_HOME>\logs\vdp" and "<DENODO_HOME>\logs\scheduler" folders respectively to know more information about the error. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
24-04-2020 09:01:18 -0400
I used hive driver found at denodo at folder spark 1.6 ... and my hive version is 2.3... it's not comaptiable? what hive jdbc jars needed ?
24-04-2020 14:06:45 -0400
I installed the latest version but still method not allowed
26-04-2020 07:59:32 -0400
Hi, The "method not supported" error usually occurs when PreparedStatement is not supported by the Hive JDBC Driver that is establishing the connection. If I want to connect to Hive Server, I would choose the necessary **Database Adapter** and download the JDBC Driver from the Vendor's official site as Denodo **does** **not** provide the Hive [**JDBC Driver**]( for connecting to Hive. In case I encounter "method not supported" error when connecting to Hive, I would check if the downloaded Hive JDBC Driver supports PreparedStatement. If you have more questions and you are a user with a valid support account, then I would suggest you raise a support case in the [**Denodo Support Site**]( with more detailed information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
06-05-2020 00:48:44 -0400
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