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Script to turn Cache on or off

Is there a VQL script to turn on or off the cache so that instead of navigating to Administration>Server Configuration and switching the Cache, I can just run the script in VQL shell to get this done. Thanks and regards.
04-08-2017 12:52:55 -0400

5 Answers

Hi, Yes! You can use the following commands as they work for me: SET 'com.denodo.vdb.cache.cacheStatus' = 'ON'; to enable the cache at the server level. SET 'com.denodo.vdb.cache.cacheStatus' = 'OFF'; to disable the cache at the server level. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
08-08-2017 08:54:14 -0400
When I tried to execute "SET ‘com.denodo.vdb.cache.cacheStatus’ = ‘ON’;" (OR) "SET ‘com.denodo.vdb.cache.cacheStatus’ = ‘OFF’;" in VQL Shell, I am receiving an error "Syntax error: Exception parsing query near 'com'" Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong here.
08-08-2017 09:54:07 -0400
NVM I got it working. Thank you.
08-08-2017 10:39:19 -0400
Can this be done at session level?
11-08-2020 05:34:06 -0400
Hi, If you do not want to enable/disable the cache at the server level. Then, as an alternative you can also enable the cache on virtual database level using the VQL command ALTER DATABASE and then do 'File>Refresh' in the VDP Adminintration Tool for the changes to take place. For example: `ALTER DATABASE <database_name> CACHE [ ON | OFF ] ();` You could refer to the section [Creating and Modifying Virtual DataPort Databases]( of Virtual DataPort VQL Guide for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
20-08-2020 02:06:09 -0400
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