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Cannot access to Denodo Excel Add-in link

Hi guys! How can I get access to the following link? I found that in a post that suggest connecting denodo server from Excel add-in and I want to test it as I'm trying to get a way to export several amounts of rows (20MM i.e.) Can you help me doing that? Thank you very much guys! Best, Fabian
22-08-2017 08:31:07 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, In order to access the URL for Denodo Connects, that enhances the capabilities of Denodo Platform, you need a valid support user. If i would like to do export of the data retrieved from the Denodo view, I would either use Virtual DataPort Administration tool or Scheduler. The Excel Add in is used to connect to Virtual DataPort from Microsoft Excel and is deprecated now. I would instead use [ODBC connection]( to connect to Virtual DataPort from Excel. The driver to connect to Virtual DataPort is available at ‘<DENODO_HOME>/tools/client-drivers/odbc’ You may refer to the answer for the following question ['Best way to do mass exports']( for exporting using Virtual DataPort Administration tool and Scheduler. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
23-08-2017 09:19:25 -0400
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