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JSON from https

How can I connect json data source from https? thanks
24-08-2017 17:49:32 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, Sometime back I tried connecting to JSON with an HTTPS URL by following these steps in my Virtual DataPort admin tool: 1. Create a new JSON data source and select the data route as "HTTP Client". 2. Click on the "Configure" button and enter the HTTPS URL in which the JSON file is available, leaving the HTTP method as GET. 3. Select "Check Certificates" option. This will help Virtual DataPort to validate if the certificate presented by the connection is issued by a Certificate Authority (CA) trusted by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) included with the Denodo Platform. 4. If the JSON data source has authentication, you can navigate to the Authentication tab to select the respective option from the drop down. 5. Lastly, you can click on "Test connection" button to check if you are able to connect to the JSON file using HTTPS. Besides this, keep in mind that you need to import the certificate into the trust store of JRE. Have a look at this official documentation on [Importing the Certificates of Data Sources (SSL Connections)]( from Denodo Platform Installation Guide and [Path Types in Virtual DataPort]( from Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps you!
Denodo Team
29-08-2017 08:33:15 -0400
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