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How to read data from pdf

My requirement is to read data from PDF file which is in local computer and load into a csv file in Denodo 7.0 Really appreciate your help in this.
06-05-2019 06:45:44 -0400

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Hi, Here are the steps to follow for reading the data from pdf to get it into Denodo. You can then execute the query from the base view and export the query results into a CSV file. Also, to obtain a CSV file with the result, you can create a scheduler job using a Scheduler Administration Tool. This job will extract the pdf data from the ITP wrapper and export it to a CSV file. Once you go to the tool from the Denodo Platform Control Center, you can see the buttons for Jobs, Data Source and Filter Sequences. Make sure you have itp as one of your data sources. Now you can go to the Jobs Section and click on the New Job button, select ITP as the data source there. You’ll have to create the job by specifying the ITP wrapper you made in while following the steps from the above link. To create the job make sure you have configured the following sections: Details Section: Specify the name of your job and its description. For example, convert_pdf_to_csv. Extraction Section: Choose the Data source as itp and give the wrapper name created from the above link for eg, pdf_actor. You can add the output fields by clicking on the ‘+’ Add output field button. For example, id, first_name, and last_name Exporter Section: You’ll have to add a new exporter by clicking on the New Exporter button and selecting CSV as the option. You can keep all the options as default and check on the Include Header checkbox You can keep the rest sections as it is that is with the default configuration and click on save. Click continue, you’ll be able to see the job and its status. In the actions column, click on the run ‘Arrow head’ button. This will run your scheduler job. Once the result of the job is as COMPLETE, you can go to <DENODO_HOME>\DenodoPlatform7.0\work\scheduler\data\csv folder and get the csv file. You can find more details about creating and scheduling jobs here: Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
16-05-2019 13:02:21 -0400
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