Potential Typo?

Source: https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/6.0/vdp/administration/server_administration_-_configuring_the_server/configuring_the_cache/configuring_the_cache The “Maintenance Period” should be greater than the “Time to Live” because removing expired entries from the cache is more expensive **that** ignoring them. **User** Kerberos. connect to cache database using Kerberos authentication. The section Connecting to a JDBC Source with Kerberos Authentication contains information that also apply to the configuration of the cache.
15-05-2019 10:10:06 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, Yes, it seems there’s a typo. The correct sentence should be *than* and *Use Kerberos* Thanks!
Denodo Team
24-05-2019 19:14:26 -0400
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