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Optimization in denodo

Is there any option in denodo like SQL developer (Query optimizer option) if I supply an sql ,denodo will be showing the areas of improvement for that sql on areas of performance . For example if the query is a taking a specific plan and if the same query can go through different query plan the data retrieval will be faster . Also if I am having multiple passes for the particular query if I make some changes I can reduce the passes and make the data retrieval will be faster
16-05-2019 06:46:20 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, Denodo engine provides a sophisticated query optimizer. To enable the static and/or dynamic query optimizations you can go to the server configuration and go to the queries optimization tab. You can choose to turn all the possible optimization. You can find some more details about the types of query optimization in the link below: To check which query optimization has been applied to the query, you can go to the execution trace and click on the execution plan. You can refer to this document for more details To know more on optimization and it’s best practices I would suggest you go through the links below You can also take a test drive to learn more about optimization and have some hands-on using this link below Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-05-2019 21:20:26 -0400
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