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DenodoExpress Quickstart Guide

I have been trying to set up environments for labs on Virtual Machine. But since there are a few guides to follow, I am a little confused about it. So I would appreciate it if anyone could answer the following questions. 1.Where can I download the Denodo Express VM that is the name of the file is "denodo-express-vm-5_5-linux64/zip" according to the "Quickstart Guide"? 2.As the above question shows, should I not download Virtual Box 6.0? 3.After setting Virtual Box based on "Denodo Traning QuickStart Virtual Machine," how can I proceed to open a Window following the command "ip addr"? 4.Above all, do I need to install denodo express 7.0 on my machine? Since we are expected to do on Virtual Machine, how would we use the denoo express 7.0 on my machine?
18-05-2019 11:09:21 -0400

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Hi, Starting from Denodo 7.0, for all the training courses our recommendation is to use the Virtual Machine. We recommend you to refer the module **Configuration Tasks** of the on-demand course which will give you information on downloading the Virtual Machine and the Virtual Box. You could refer the section** Post-configuration tasks** in the "Denodo Training QuickStart Virtual Machine - User Manual" which is available in the downloaded VM folder. This will give more information on Virtual Machine settings and also to open ip addr command in the terminal. The Denodo Platform must be installed on your machine and to do the labs, you just need to download and configure the Virtual Machine and once it is running you will be able to do all the labs, as the data sources needed for doing these labs are already available in the Virtual Machine. For more information, you could refer the **Denodo Training QuickStart Virtual Machine - User Manua**l of the Virtual Machine and "**Training resources**" section of the on-demand courses to know more information on using the Denodo Express. Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
22-05-2019 08:00:54 -0400
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