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Connecting to Denodo Server running in Azure with VDP Admin Tool not working

I can get ODBC and Restful connections to work fine (yay!) but the minute I try to use a JDBC or VDP Admin tool connection, I get a connection timeout. Any ideas why ODBC and restful connections work, but JDBC doesn't? I opened up ports 9090 and 9996-9999 (and tested that those ports are open). Thanks~! Full details: Here's what I did: 1. Spun up new azure VM (Windows Server Datacenter 2016) 2. Configured my network to allow connections on these ports: 3389 9090 9996-9999 3. Validated I could remote desktop into my server (it worked) 4. Downloaded and installed Denodo 5. Started the VDP Service 6. Started the admin tool on the VM and connected to my admin database, created a base view 7. Validated I could go to http://mypublichostname:9090/denodo-restfulws/admin (it works) 8. Created an ODBC connection to mypublichostname:9996 and tested it (it works) 9. Started the Virtual Data Port admin tool on my local machine and tried to connect to //mypublichostname:9999/admin and it doesn't work. I also tried using the IP address (the real ip address isn't, below is just an example): // That didn't work either. It just keeps saying "Initialization Error: Connection timed out: connect" 2431841 [AWT-EventQueue-0] ERROR 2019-05-30T14:25:34.763 com.denodo.vdb.admin.gui.components.connection.ConnectionPanel [] - Connection error: com.denodo.vdb.admin.model.vdbserverproxy.VDBServerProxyException: Initialization Error: connection error: Connection timed out: connect at com.denodo.vdb.admin.model.vdbserverproxy.VDBServerProxy.getServerInformation(Unknown Source) ~[denodo-vdp-admintool.jar:7.0.0] at com.denodo.vdb.admin.model.serverfacade.VDBServerFacade.getServerInformation(Unknown Source) ~[denodo-vdp-admintool.jar:7.0.0] at com.denodo.vdb.admin.util.vql.VQLUtil.parseVQL(Unknown Source) ~[denodo-vdp-admintool.jar:7.0.0] at com.denodo.vdb.admin.model.serverfacade.VDBServerFacade.login(Unknown Source) ~[denodo-vdp-admintool.jar:7.0.0] at com.denodo.vdb.admin.gui.model.connection.VDPConnections$1.doInBackground(Unknown Source) ~[denodo-vdp-admintool.jar:7.0.0] at com.denodo.vdb.admin.gui.model.connection.VDPConnections$1.doInBackground(Unknown Source) ~[denodo-vdp-admintool.jar:7.0.0] at javax.swing.SwingWorker$ ~[?:1.8.0_162] at ~[?:1.8.0_162] at ~[?:1.8.0_162] at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( ~[?:1.8.0_162] at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ ~[?:1.8.0_162] at ~[?:1.8.0_162] I then decided to try to just use a 3rd party tool to create a regular JDBC connection to my server and that doesn't work either. Something is wonky because connections via ODBC work just fine, but JDBC connections don't and the only error is "connection timeout"
30-05-2019 16:41:39 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, I would first make sure that there is no firewall restriction on your local machine that restricts the incoming connections. Then, I would make sure the [RMI host configuration ]( in the Virtual Dataport Server in Azure is actually reflecting the PublicHostName . For further analysis, you could [use the Ping Script]( from your local machine to check if the Virtual Dataport server is reachable. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
31-05-2019 08:27:58 -0400
The "RMI Host Configuration" link you gave solved it! You're awesome!
25-06-2019 10:46:08 -0400
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