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Not able to import a view and execute VQL's in VQL shell in Denodo 7.0 express edition

Hi Team, Good Day! I was trying to export and import the entire database that I have created within my local to another local machine and it works. I could move my entire DB to another system. But after sometime, I thought of moving some edited view too, to this new system. But it throws error while importing the view. It says "View not found". The same error I am getting while execute VQL's in my VQL shell in denodo 7 express. Right clicking the view and execute works fine. But when I copy the same VQL and try to execute in tools-? VQL shell it is giving an error saying 'View not found". Am I really missing anything? Can anyone help please?
03-06-2019 07:32:36 -0400

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Hi, I tried your scenario and was able to import the view successfully. While importing the view, I would make sure that I am importing the view in to the correct virtual database as it was exported from else it will give the ‘view not found’ error or if it is exported to the virtual database where its base view/datasource does not exists. If you want to import the view into virtual database you have chosen, I would suggest you to export that view with dependencies so that it brings along the dependent elements which helps to execute the view. Similarly, I tried to execute the VQL from a VQL shell and was able to execute it successfully. Generally, ‘view not found’ error is shown when the incorrect database is selected while running a query in VQL shell. Make sure that you have selected the correct database(in the database field of VQL shell) which contains the view you are trying to execute. For more information, please refer to the VDP admin guide on [exporting the server metadata]( and [using the VQL shell.]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
03-06-2019 12:08:23 -0400
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