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VQL equivalent for T-SQL "WITH (NOLOCK)"

Our DBA claims that the Denodo view is causing DEADLOCKs on the SQL Server. They recommended us to pass the query to SQL Server with the "WITH (NOLOCK)" option. Is this possible with Denodo views? If yes, please provide specific example. Btw, the SQL Server data source "Transaction Isolation" option is already set to "Read uncommitted". Should it be another option? Which one? Thanks

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Hi, You can try to use serializable transaction isolation when configuring the data source. This is the highest isolation level and avoids dirty reads, non-repeatable reads, and phantom reads by locking range of rows or the entire tables. You can also create a view from the ‘create a base view using the query’ option. In this option, the query can be directly executed from the SQL server. This way you would be able to execute all database specific syntax on VDP admin tool. But this would not be the best practice in general as there might be a potential risk of disabling the delegations of other functions. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
13-06-2019 21:26:31 -0400
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