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This driver is not configured for integrated authentication

Version Denedo 7. SQL Server Version: SQL Server 2016. Jar File version : mssql-jdbc-6.4.0.jre7.jar File :sqljdbc_auth.dll exists in c:\windows\system32 and exists in <DENODO_HOME>/jre/bin. Connection string is in order. But, Failed to establish connection. Below Error occured while testing the connection. Unable to establish connection: This driver is not configured for integrated authentication. ClientConnectionId:3ff5a886-88da-4c4f-9126-608c38811f5d

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Hi, I created new data source connection to Microsoft SQL Server using Windows credentials in my Denodo 7.0 platform by following the steps given in KB article [Accessing MS SQL Server using Windows Authentication]( configuring the data source,made sure to carefully skip the steps mentioned for Denodo 7.0 platform in the KB article and was successful in accessing Microsoft SQL Server. Also, I tried to recreate the error at my end. I could see that on manually configuring the Driver Class Path(optional) property I received a similar kind of error. Denodo 7.0 comes with inbuilt Microsoft SQL Driver which is automatically set after selecting the Database Adapter. So, pointing it manually to incorrect path will result in error. You may also refer to previous community question [Still Unable to establish connection]( for additional details. If you are a user with support access and still consider that it is a potential problem in Denodo Platform, I would suggest you to raise a support case in the [Denodo Support Site]( with detailed logs, execution trace or VQL if possible for analysis. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
03-07-2019 08:32:29 -0400
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