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Integration with okta / other public cloud authorization providers?

Hello, How does Denodo (in the cloud) integrate with public cloud authorization providers like okta? e.g. for things like users and group/role synchronization, so that the administration can be done outside of Denodo, especially when it concerns memberships or individual users. I could only find documentation on integration with kerberos / active directory or local authentication.
10-07-2019 09:23:55 -0400

3 Answers

Hi, As Okta supports OAuth2.0 authentication, Okta can only be used with Denodo server in the following ways: * Connect to the Virtual DataPort server by publishing the REST web service with OAuth2.0 authentication which uses JWT/OAuth introspection mode. For more information, you can refer to section [Setting-Up the OAuth Authentication in the Virtual DataPort Server]( and [Web Services Authentication]( * Connect with an XML/DF/JSON data source using Okta authentication through [OAuth 2.0]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
11-07-2019 06:32:42 -0400
Hello, just to be clear, this kind of authentication requires either: - connecting to a (REST) web service - Denodo southbound - publishing denodo views as a web service - Denodo northbound it is not possible to allow direct connection to Denodo via ODBC/JDBC using okta authentication or to import roles/groups from an okta data source the way it can be done via a Denodo LDAP(S) data source?
15-07-2019 05:11:56 -0400
Hi, You are correct, as you have mentioned Okta can only be used as an authentication method for some of the southbound and northbound connectivity with Denodo. I would prefer authenticating Virtual DataPort via LDAP users as Okta authentication is not available currently in Denodo. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
22-07-2019 08:40:06 -0400
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