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RM CPU usage

Hello, We have the following Resource Manager rules: CPU usage is equal to or greater than 50% Stop query when query timeout of 200000 (milliseconds) has been reached Set the priority of the threads that execute the query to 5 Set the maximum number of concurrent queries to 10 Set the maximum number of queued queries to 10 Set automatic simplification of the query to on And we're monotoring the current queries and the CPU usage seems to be higher than 50%, reaching level of 90% even, we're a bit concerned and we wonder if you guys have a recommendation regarding specifcally the CPU usage rule, what percentage do you recommend? And another doubt I have, the "Stop query when query timeout of " rule is activated after the CPU usage reaches or is higher 50% or when the query is executed? Best Regards.
11-07-2019 05:56:36 -0400

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Hi, Regarding the "Stop query when timeout" action, You are correct. Since, it is part of the actions to be performed after the plan condition is met. I would carefully go through the [Resource Manager]( section of Virtual DataPort Administration Guide before setting my plan and rules. In the scenario described, The memory usage could also be due to the queries that are in progress. I would configure Denodo Monitor to get log details. So that I can associate query execution vs CPU usage. The logs are present in below location: > <DENODO_HOME>\tools\monitor\denodo-monitor\denodo-monitor\logs For Configuring the Denodo Monitor you can refer to [Denodo Monitor]( section of Virtual DataPort Administration Guide which gives details for setting the Denodo Monitor. If you are a user with support access and still consider that it is a potential problem in Denodo Platform, I would suggest you to raise a support case in the [Denodo Support Site]( with detailed logs, execution trace or VQL if possible for analysis. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
12-07-2019 09:21:59 -0400
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