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Unit and Currency conversion

Hello, How can we do the currency and unit of measure conversion in denodo. We are connecting from SAP BW 7.X and have these requirements. Normally in SAP we have some standard ways to handle the conversions. How do we do that in denodo? Also the key figure associated with a currency or a unit. When these figures are summed up, the corresponding unit or currency is automally highlighted with do we handle that in denodo? Thanks. Mohit
11-07-2019 07:02:48 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I would recommend looking at the Internationalization configuration as the first step to ensure that it is set to the right option to suit your locale and currency formats. You can check for more information. Denodo provides a variety of functions that can be used to perform mathematical and string operations as well as conversions. You should be able to handle this by changing the value of field expression in the output tab, once you edit your view. You could also create custom functions to return converted values. You should perform these conversions explicitly in Denodo, to apply the conversions you want in each case. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
12-07-2019 07:49:11 -0400
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