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Automated purging of monitor logs written to by Solution Manager

Is it possible to configure the automated purging of monitor logs written to by Solution Manager? We want to permanently monitor Production VDP servers for auditing purposes, but only want to keep for instance the last 30 days of log files. Is there a confguration property that switches on the automatic rolling deletion of files older files or do we have to write our own cron job to do this (our Solution Manager and VDP servers run on linux) ?
02-08-2019 10:06:09 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, When you enable monitor for an environment in Denodo Solution Manager Administration Tool, it will generate log files based on the time it was launched in the path *<SOLUTION_MANAGER_HOME>\resources\solution-manager-monitor\work*. For more information on this, you could refer to section [Monitoring]( of Solution Manager Administration Guide. Alternatively, to rollover log files on a daily basis,I would launch the Dendo Monitor tool available in the path, *<SOLUTION_MANAGER_HOME>\resources\solution-manager-monitor\denodo-monitor\bin* and perform the below steps * Edit the ConfigurationParametres properties file available in the path, *<SOLUTION_MANAGER_HOME>\tools\monitor\denodo-monitor\denodo-monitor\conf*, modify the “monitors.log.datepattern” property to rollover for each day. * I would create a shell script to remove the log files which are greater than 30 days from the path, *<SOLUTION_MANAGER_HOME>\tools\monitor\denodo-monitor\denodo-monitor\logs* and schedule it as a cron job to run on a daily basis. Please note that you can launch Denodo Monitor only for individual Denodo servers and not for clusters. For more information, you could refer to section [Denodo Monitor]( of Virtual DataPort Administration Guide which is also applicable for Denodo Solution Manager. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
06-08-2019 08:12:06 -0400
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