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Deployments using the Solution Manager when we can't SSH into our Load Balancer server

Hey all I am trying to setup our Solution Manager for deployments but have recently learned that we cannot SSH into our load balancer (F5) server. I have not found a way to use the Solution Manager without the disable/enable load balancer scripts and was wondering if anyone has come upon this issue and found a solution? My environment is as follows. DEV: 1 server (no load balance) QA: 1 cluster of 2 servers PROD: 1 cluster of 2 servers

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Hi, In Denodo Solution Manager, Deployment Script is an Operating system based script so you can use any of the protocol supported by F5 instead of SSH. I have gone through the F5 documentation, I have seen that [icontrol Rest API]( which interacts between the client and the F5. So, it allows you to enable or disable node session by passing commands. You can refer to the document [APIRef_tm_ltm_node]( to get more information related nodes. For example, to disable the test_node node > <PATCH>/mgmt/tm/ltm/node/~Common~test_node -d '{"session":"user-disabled"}' Using Rest API you can write your own deployment script and import it in the environment. Just keep in mind that the Deployment script must work fine in a target environment, that is, no operating system failures. You can also have look at [Deploying Revisions]( of the Solution Manager Administration Guide for more information related to Deploying. For more information, you can refer to the documents[ Common iControl REST API command examples]( If you are a user with valid support access, I would suggest you raise a support case in the [Denodo Support Site]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
05-08-2019 03:29:48 -0400
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