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Can Multiple users test different scenarios at the same time from a Apache JMeter hosted at a server?
06-08-2019 17:55:49 -0400

3 Answers

Hi, Multiple users can run different test scenarios simultaneously from Apache JMeter. [Denodo Load Testing with Apache JMeter]( gives detailed information on how to configure JMeter for Denodo load testing. For any additional configuration in JMeter for specific scenarios, you can check out the [JMeter User Manual]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
07-08-2019 10:55:21 -0400
I have gone through the doc already. My question was not clear I guess. I know I can add users to thread group and test scenarios. However, if I and a friend of mine - Andy (say) wants to test using apache jmeter at the same time, could we do it? Thanks
07-08-2019 11:09:28 -0400
Hi, Multiple users testing services on Denodo at the same time should not be a problem, as long as you are not limiting the number of concurrent requests to a value less than the number of requests that you are expecting to be executed simultaneously. This has more to do with the number of simultaneous requests, which could be from the same user or multiple users. [Limiting the number of Concurrent Requests]( gives more information on where you can set this configuration. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
14-08-2019 03:38:52 -0400
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