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How to rename an environment in Denodo 7 solution manager?

How to rename an environment in Denodo 7 solution manager?
07-08-2019 08:59:37 -0400

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Hi Environment name is the only mandatory field needed for setting up an environment in Solution Manager. I (even as SOLUTION MANAGER ADMINISTRATOR/ GLOBAL ADMINISTRATOR) cannot edit the name of the environment directly after creating it. For renaming an environment, I would possibly follow either of the two alternates listed below: 1. Metadata Export/Import: 1. Export the Solution Manager Metadata having the environment and cluster details as explained in the [Import and Export Catalog]( section. 2. Open the exported JSON file and modify the environment name with the new intended value. 3. Stop the VDP servers that belong to the environment you want to rename. 4. Delete the old environment. 5. Import the JSON metadata file back into Solution Manager as explained in the same section of the step 1 (Click on the root node and select "Import" option). If there are conflicts with existing environment names, can either replace or discard the environment. 6. Restart the VDP servers stopped in step 1.3. 2. Manually create a New Environment and discard the Old one: * Create a new environment with the intended name manually in the Solution Manager Administration tool, recreate the cluster configuration in the new environment. I would refer to the below link for setting up new environment. * [Creating New Environment in Solution Manager]( * Delete the old environment. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
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