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Connection Pool Configuration

What are the default settings for the Connection Pool Configuration?
19-08-2019 10:06:56 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, The default settings of the Connection Pool configuration were automatically made available when a data source is created. It is found by clicking the “**Connection Pool Configuration**” link within the data source. Depending on the nature of data source, different properties of Connection Pool Configurations are available. For example, JDBC and ODBC data sources have properties like Initial size=4 and Max number of active connections=20 as default where as Web Service data source has additional properties like Maximum waiting time=60000 ms, minimum time between evictions=150000 ms, minimum time before eviction=100000 ms as default. Detailed description of these properties are available in the respective data source user manual of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide as listed below: * [JDBC Data Sources]( * [ODBC Data Sources]( * [SOAP Web Service Sources]( * [Muiltidimensional Database Sources]( * [BAPI Sources]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
20-08-2019 07:23:56 -0400
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