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Performing denodo tasks from Jenkins

I am trying a create a working prototype for performing denodo activities from my Jenkins server. Steps that i want to perform are : Import a VSQL file from GIT to Denodo from Jenkins. Create a view in Denodo from Jenkins. Run this VSQL file in Denodo from Jenkins. I am new to Denodo world and i am not sure if Denodo has any APIs for doing this. Can someone let me know if this is really possible? If so where can i find a solution for this requirement. I tried searching in the internet for last few days, but couldn't find a solution.
02-09-2019 06:24:35 -0400

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Hi, Denodo has command-line scripts which makes it possible to automate the integration steps you had mentioned with Jenkins. The command-line scripts are present under **<DENODO HOME>/bin**. For your case, I would first refer to the [Version Control Systems Integration]( to set up VCS at Virtual DataPort server. And then, in Jenkins, I would create a new project pointing to the VCS URL of the Virtual DataPort server (with its credentials) and then enable “Trigger build remotely” option in the “Build Trigger” tab. In the “command” dialog of the “Execution shell” tab would mention the necessary [Export]( and [Import]( scripts present under the **<DENODO HOME>/bin/** to begin with integration. Once the above step is complete, any new commit from the Virtual DataPort server into GIT would trigger the integration steps defined in Jenkins. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
03-09-2019 08:14:13 -0400
Hi Denodo Team, Thanks for the above suggestion. That would resolve my first part. After the import step i want to create a new view with that file in denodo. Will that be possible to be done from Jenkins?
19-09-2019 07:03:25 -0400
Hi, Denodo command line [Import Script]( used in the first part by default executes the VQL queries present in the imported file(.vql) into the Virtual DataPort server(as a part of import process). Hence I don’t need to have a separate step to create the view from Jenkins. Import script called from Jenkins will return one of these exit codes: * 0 : no errors. All the VQL statements in the file were executed successfully. * 126 : the execution of one or more VQL statements failed. * 1 : for other errors. E.g. the script could not open a connection to the Virtual DataPort Server. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
01-10-2019 04:17:26 -0400
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