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Provide a schema name via JDBC connection to Denodo?

Is there any way of providing a schema name when accessing Denodo via JDBC?
02-09-2019 23:54:38 -0400

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Hi, A Virtual DataPort Server can contain several [databases]( which represents a **virtual schema** comprised of a series of data sources, views, stored procedures, widgets, etc. To access a specific Virtual Database in Denodo Platform from any [JDBC Client](, I would specify database name in JDBC URI like **jdbc:vdb://host:port/database**. For more information, you can refer to [Access Through JDBC]( section of Virtual DataPort Developer Guide. You can also take a look at [Parameters of the JDBC Connection URL]( section of Virtual DataPort Developer Guide for more details on list of parameters supported in JDBC Connection URL. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
03-09-2019 08:42:37 -0400
There are different interpretations among technology suppliers about the concept database and the concept schema. What I am trying to specify is the concept that objects in Microsoft SQL Server are included in the dbo schema, in PostgreSQL in the public schema. It is true that a virtual database in Denodo groups objects and connects them coherently. However, this is the concept of a database, not a schema / catalog / user as it is possible in Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Oracle, to name but a few examples, this supplier offers the concept of database and schema separately. Apparently, in mySQL there is no real distinction between a database and schemas. They are used interchangeably. In simple terms, schemes are pretty much a collection of tables and databases are collections of schemes. Does Denodo support in anyway a concept like this when using the virtual database by reporting of database-tools (like DBVisualizer DBeaver)? Thanks.
03-09-2019 13:11:45 -0400
Hi, When accessing Denodo Platform from any third party client like DBVisualizer, I was able to see the Virtual Databases and the views. In Denodo Platform, all the elements such as data sources, views, stored procedures, widgets, etc are grouped under the Catalogs (Virtual Databases). And there is no concept called Schemas as in other Relational Databases. Also, in order to access the views from other catalogs than the one which is used for establishing the connection to Denodo Platform from DBVisualizer, I would execute the query like: `select * from <virtual_database_name>.<view_name>` Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
10-09-2019 08:57:19 -0400
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