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Could not launch IEWrapperApp.exe in 10 attempts

Hello, I would like make it: Step 2: when I click on "New Browser", I have this error: **Could not launch C:/Users/<user>/Downloads/DenodoPlatform7.0/dll/itpilot/IEWrapperApp.exe in 10 attempts.** When I go on the logs, there is this: ``` 31886 [Thread-5] ERROR 2019-09-04T10:10:00.074 com.denodo.specgenerator.model.browser.BrowserManager [] - Error in browser initialization (BrowserManager) com.denodo.itp.admin.model.specgenerator.browser.BrowserCreatorException: Could not launch C:/Users/<user>/Downloads/DenodoPlatform7.0/dll/itpilot/IEWrapperApp.exe in 10 attempts. at com.denodo.itp.admin.model.specgenerator.browser.socket.BrowserCreatorSocketImpl.createBrowser(Unknown Source) ~[denodo-itp-admintoolgui.jar:7.0.4] at com.denodo.itp.admin.model.specgenerator.browser.Browser.<init>(Unknown Source) ~[denodo-itp-admintoolgui.jar:7.0.4] at com.denodo.itp.admin.model.specgenerator.model.browser.BrowserManager.<init>(Unknown Source) [denodo-itp-admintoolgui.jar:7.0.4] at com.denodo.itp.admin.model.specgenerator.model.browser.BrowserManager.<clinit>(Unknown Source) [denodo-itp-admintoolgui.jar:7.0.4] at com.denodo.itp.admin.model.specgenerator.controller.FrontController.<init>(Unknown Source) [denodo-itp-admintoolgui.jar:7.0.4] at com.denodo.itp.admin.model.specgenerator.controller.FrontController.<clinit>(Unknown Source) [denodo-itp-admintoolgui.jar:7.0.4] at com.denodo.itp.admin.gui.frame.toppanel.TopPanel$7.executeAction(Unknown Source) [denodo-itp-admintoolgui.jar:7.0.4] at com.denodo.itp.admin.gui.common.actionlistener.ThreadAction$ Source) [denodo-itp-admintoolgui.jar:7.0.4] ``` Can you help me to fix this? My system: Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11, Denodo Express 7.0. Thanks!
04-09-2019 05:32:50 -0400

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Hi, I get this error when I have more than one version of the Denodo Platform installed in my machine. To avoid this error I manually registry the dlls of my current installation. From a command prompt (started explicitly as Administrator), change to the folder <DENODO_HOME>\dll\itpilot and execute: - regsvr32 AtlBrowser.dll - regsvr32 IEWrapper.dll - regsvr32 SequencesExecutor.dll - regsvr32 SequencesGenerator.dll Then, change to the folder <DENODO_HOME>\dll\itpilot\x64 and execute: - regsvr32 AtlBrowser.dll - regsvr32 SequencesExecutor.dll - regsvr32 SequencesGenerator.dll But there is more to it, The Denodo Express license has some limitation compared to a full license. The main one is that it does not allow using ITPilot. For more details, you may refer to user manual [Limitations of the Denodo Express License]( You can integrate PDF files with Denodo ITPilot using Full License. For further details, you can contact or fill out this contact form Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
05-09-2019 03:25:52 -0400
Hi, I do not have administrator rights on the machine. Is there a method?
05-09-2019 03:35:24 -0400
Hi, I would reach out to your Windows administration team to execute the scripts. There is no alternative since the procedure deals with registering the dll's. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
16-09-2019 08:25:00 -0400
Hi, I tried performing the following steps as recommended. I am still getting the same error again. Is there abother way to troubleshoot this so I can connect to internet explorer? I am using Denodo 8.0 and I have Microsoft Edge installed in the machine. Please let me know if you need additional information.
14-11-2020 18:48:57 -0500
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