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How does the license work?

The documentation says that the use of a license can end if "The maximum number of cores / processors / servers defined by the license was exceeded", does the license manager have the ability to review that? In case the client already has a server (for example a Hadoop edge node), what strategy can be used to restrict its use to what the license allows?
12-09-2019 12:56:02 -0400

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Hi, In general, a Denodo Server will periodically send a license request to the License Manager. The License Manager will validate if all the requirements are met, such as the number of cores and servers using an in-built mechanism. For more information on this topic, you could refer to the section [How a Server Resolves its License]( of Solution Manager Administration Guide. Additionally, if you want to apply restrictions to a client in addition to the restrictions imposed by the License itself then, you could make use of the features such as [Resource Manager]( which would apply restrictions for a client (eg. VDP admin tool) using the *[user_agent](* attribute of the client application or by assigning only required [privileges]( to a client user. If you need more clarifications and have a valid support account, I would recommend you to create a support case in the [Denodo Support Site]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
10-10-2019 09:09:54 -0400
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