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Best practices for combining VCS/versioning with development teams and Denodo 7 solution manager

Hello, where can I find or what are best practices in Denodo 7 for the following cases: development team(s) of denodo where multiple developers work on the same virtual database: - they want to be in sync with each other (VCS?) - they want to be in sync with the latest released version (solution manager) - how do VCS for local development work together with the solution manager - when some developer does a release via the solution manager how should he inform other developers about it, i.e. other teams or developers might need to update also to the latest released version?
16-09-2019 03:10:03 -0400

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Hi, Note that, Version Control System setup in the Solution Manager will produce a backup of the environments both for successful and unsuccessful deployments. This backup is used by the deployment to roll back to in subsequent deployments in case of failure and is updated with each successful deployment. The backup consists of the views, data sources, web services etc. expressed as a list of VQL sentences. Refer to the [VCS Configuration]( and the [Configuring Deployments]( sections of the Solution Manager Administration Guide to get more details. On the other hand, for more information about the considerations that should be kept in mind before starting to use branching in the Virtual DataPort integration with Version Control Systems and to understand the workflow when working with a version control system (VCS) on the development environment. I would refer the following: * [VCS Branching Best Practices]( Knowledge Base article. * [Scenarios and Recommended Uses]( section of Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Regarding your question on other teams or developers might need to update also to the latest released version, the approaches mentioned in the VCS Braching Best Practices article allows developers to access the changes of other developers since they are developing directly on the database. However, you need to keep in mind that, in order to avoid conflicts, they must coordinate among themselves to prevent modifying the same elements simultaneously. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-09-2019 02:20:26 -0400
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