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How to unwrap CDATA section in SOAP response to expose XML document

Hello I have a web service data source in Denodo 7 and one of its operations returns a single column text result which contains an xml document embedded in an XML CDATA section. I would like to be able to flatten / parse the xml doc in denodo but at the moment i cannot get it to recognize it is xml format. I have tried to create a view with a new column using: replace(replace('response', '<![CDATA[', ''),']]>','') but this does not help. I have also tried to create a 'flattened array' view on top of the above mentioned view but it still does not recognize any of the xml nodes. Any assistance would be appreciated!
16-09-2019 03:17:33 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I was able to extract the content inside the CDATA section of the XML using a combination of [SUBSTR]( and [INSTR]( Text processing functions. In your scenario, the XML document is returned in a TEXT field and you can apply one or more Text processing functions to manipulate/extract the field per your request. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-09-2019 06:55:09 -0400
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