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DEN70EDUD1201LAB01 - Create a JSON data source and base views

Hi Team, I am currently learning to import the JSON data source and i facing below issues. Please help on this. OS: Linuxmint 1. Using virtual machine: My virtual machine is running and when i try to ping the ip address of virtual machine it is successful. However when i try to connect to that ip address using Denodo to import the JSON data source i am getting error: "Error in retrieving the data" 2. Without virtual machine: I have downloaded the file and executed the script to run the jetty server and then when i try to connect to JSON data source as given in tutorial i am getting the below error. Unable to establish connection: Error retrieving data from 'http://localhost:8081/sales-ws/sales/'. HTTP error code: 503.
16-09-2019 14:02:04 -0400

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Hi, I was able to successfully complete the lab by following the instructions given in the lab module of the on-demand course. To create the data source using Virtual Machine, try to create a JSON data source using http://data-server:8080/sales-ws/sales/ as the http url.You can replace the data server with the ip address if you have not configured the host file. If you are using other options to complete the lab, then the web service "sales-ws" is available in http://localhost:8081/sales-ws/sales/. If the port is already in use then you can edit the file to change the port and try again to create the data source. The HTTP error code: 503 indicates that the server you are trying to connect is currently unable to handle the request, so please try again to establish the connection and ensure the script is running without throwing any errors. If the issue persists then you can check the vdp.log located in <Denodo-Home>/logs/vdp for more information about the error. Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
17-09-2019 22:05:32 -0400
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