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Denodo cross database insert

Hi, Is it possible to insert records in denodo from a base view of database vdb1 into another base view of database vdb2. Insert records into vdb1 from select * from vdb2; if the records exists we need to update those records.
17-09-2019 02:41:10 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, At the moment in Denodo Platform, inserting rows from one table to another is supported only for [Materialized tables]( and [Temporary tables]( Other ways to insert data is by creating [Remote table]( or by using [Scheduler]( You could refer to the following similar community questions for more information: * [How to insert data into base view]( * [Plans for "insert into select"?]( Hope this Helps!
Denodo Team
17-09-2019 08:30:45 -0400
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