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Error: Received exception with message 'Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'into'

Select * into #Temp from xyz Select * from #Temp When I run this Script using Create Base view from Query, I am getting the below error message. Error: Received exception with message 'Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'into' MS SQL Server 2014 JDBC connection WITH clause takes more time and hence we rely on 'INTO #' option
23-10-2019 15:11:24 -0400

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Hi, [Temporary tables]( in Microsoft SQL Server will exist at the *session level*. (i.e.,) they are only visible to the session in which they were created and are automatically dropped when that session logs off. Hence, in Denodo you will be able to introspect the temporary tables created in SQL Server but it is not persistent and cannot be shared with other sessions. Each session that defines a temporary table of the same name has its own unique description of the temporary table. When the session terminates, the rows of the table are deleted, and the description of the temporary table is dropped. So, for databases like SQL Server, you will be able to [introspect and create]( global temporary tables(table prefixed with ##), normal tables, etc in Denodo as required apart from the Temporary tables which are created by prefixing the table name with a #. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
24-10-2019 07:34:00 -0400
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