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Solution Manager VCS integration - rollback granularity

Hello! We are on version 7.0.20190903 and are trying to better understand the rollback capabilites of Solution Manager deployments when VCS is configured. The documentation says: "The Solution Manager also allows to do a rollback after a failed deployment, to restore the previous state of the first Virtual DataPort and Scheduler server that is enabled on each enabled cluster of the environment." Our interest is in being able to roll back individual revision deployments. With the rollback capabilities, will we be able to revert individual revision deployments or does the rollback revert the entire server which has multiple Denodo schemas and objects from other teams outside of the original revision? thanks!
30-10-2019 12:36:43 -0400

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Hi, The idea is whichever would be the successful deployment before the failed deployment, Denodo will rollback to that deployment. That could contain one or more revision on only one Denodo Schema or more. Basically whatever you have deployed previously successfully would be re-deployed so that you reach the last **stable** state of your environment before this new deplyoment failed in your environment. This you can enable by enbaling the option "Rollback when the deployment fails in the first server". You can read more about this here: [Configuring Deployments]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
31-10-2019 06:05:24 -0400
Thank you for the response. When you say environment, are you talking about the entire server or a more granular level such as a schema within the server? Our concern is that if I need to rollback a deployment for schema A is it possible that I will also trigger a rollback of objects in schema B because my last successful deployment to schema A was before successful deployments to schema B?
31-10-2019 09:49:55 -0400
Hi, An environment here means a development, QA or production environment. This environment could consists of one or more than one Virtual DataPort servers. And as you know each VDP Server can have more than one schemas like schema A, schema B etc. which is basically called Virtual Databases in Denodo. Now, regarding the rollbacks in Solution Manager, only if the current deployment fails, and if you have the option checked, Solution manager will automatically rollback to the last stable state. So, lets say if your last stable state(State B) was only changes with Schema B. And prior to that your last stable state(State A) was only changes with Schema A. That would also mean that **State B** would have the changes of Schema A and Schema B both. So now, when the current deployment fails, Solution Manager will rollback to the last stable state that is the State B. Which will contain the changes from Schema A and Schema B as well. You as a user, cannot choose to rollback to any stable state, it will automatically rollback to the LAST stable state. Hope this clarifys the situation!
Denodo Team
12-11-2019 03:07:42 -0500
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