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Rest API – Post and Put Issue in Denodo (7.0)

I am using Postman to test the Get, Post and Put request on Rest API created in denodo. I can able send the Get request but not the post and put request. I also check the permision on original source (SQL). Can you please help me on this. Thanks in advance.
11-04-2019 10:26:11 -0400

1 Answer

Hello, I have exported a base view as a REST Web Service and used Postman successfully to issue GET, POST, and PUT commands to the web service. This link has examples of both PUT and POST operations, using either JSON or XML: Ensure that the HTTP method is properly set to PUT or POST, and that the correct HTTP Headers are added. For example, if using JSON: HTTP Method = POST HTTP Header Accept = application/json HTTP Header Content-Type = application/json Body of the request: { "iinc_id": 2000 , "summary": "New incidence" , "taxid": "B99999999" , "specific_field1": null , "specific_field2": null } The body needs to be customized according to the underlying view. You need to understand what values it would expect as non-null, and what values might be constrained by a primary key, requiring a unique value. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
18-04-2019 12:52:22 -0400
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