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Cannot launch Denodo 7.0 Platform Control Center (did work previously)

Hello, We installed Denodo 7 on this windows10 enterprise server months ago. It was working fine until recently. Though the server can be started, and Solution Mgr starts on the same machine as it, we cannot launch the Platform Control Center from a shortcut nor the command line. I added verbose logging and we get the messages below... Adding classpath '%DENODO_HOME%\resources\apache-tomcat\conf null ERROR - NULL I've seen the notes on this in linux. Are there fixes for this when it occurs in Windows? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
18-04-2019 19:59:56 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, In order to get more information for the error I would try to enable the debug mode in the <DENODO_HOME>\conf\launcher\log4j2.xml file by changing the log levels from "ERROR" to "DEBUG". Then I would try to start the Denodo Platform Control Center again in order to retrieve new logs. After that, check the logs which are stored by default in the <DENODO_HOME>/logs/launcher folder and see if there is some valuable log information. If you are a user with a valid support account, you may open a support case at the Denodo Support Site and the Support Team will help you. If this is your case, I’d recommend you to do so, as the Support Team will be able to assist you better. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
23-04-2019 07:48:01 -0400
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